About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving ecosystem that delivers accessible, high-quality, and sustainable healthcare for all, and we are pursuing this through our real time medical records, families’ engagement, through the apps. and care coordination service offerings.

About Us

We envision a future in which data is the biggest driver of continuously increasing societal and economic value. As digitalization in healthcare gains speed, personalized services become the new normal and a key success factor for our doctors – rapidly increasing demand for data-driven innovations and new apps. to make the user experience friendlier. Copious seeks a pivotal role in this change and aims to capture the significant opportunities of the fast changing data-driven world – and by doing this, to become our doctors and families’ first choice for office practice renewal.

Our goal is to work alongside doctors who are mainly from big practices to small town individual practitioners those offer a range of services to families’, and citizens in the Indian sub-continent. We ensure our doctors’ everyday clinical practice and services run smoothly, and help them create future success through smart adoption of technology and utilization of data.

Our aim is to make healthcare more personal. Our platform is capable of helping medical professionals deliver personalized care. Our powerful software is built to keep up with the demands of healthcare professionals to make decesions faster and more accurate. And intuitive apps provide easy access to critical health information, to the families’ and make the journey smooth.

To deliver better care we have designed our software more intuitive, familiar interface for users.

Our product designers are working to make healthcare more human. At the same easy for both medical professionals and families’ to use. Security to protect human data and controlled access everyone. And we’ve streamlined the process the way health data is collected Looking to Improve the delivery of care with apps.

We belive our interconnected and real time engaged apps will be changing the world of healthcare. Medical professionals can provide faster, more personalized care with apps focusing on clinical care, and improved patient experience. Families can manage their child’s health from home as they are always connected with their doctor.

Our Team


Ashok is an experienced serial entrepreneur. He has over 25 years of experience building successful companies in a variety of fields spanning technology, real-estate, and agriculture. At Copious, he has been primarily responsible for managing the finances, setting strategy, and engaging with potential early-adopters for our platform. He is a strong believer that the fast proliferation of mobile will revolutionize healthcare and will accelerate India’s pace of development. However, he is cognizant that the rural areas which tend to be overlooked as the incumbents need access to the technology. Business with a social angle is what keeps Ashok motivated.


Ashwin handles the operations and leads product management at Copious. Most recently he co-founded Mobius Labs – an internet of things analytics company based in the US which has raised over $1 million from the US government and private investors. On the background of a bachelor’s degree in electronics and a masters degree in management, Ashwin built a career in technology consulting. He got the opportunity to lead digital transformation projects with some of the best financial firms in the world. Using the experience and learnings from his consulting career, Ashwin leads the product development by translating the user requirements into features. He works closely with the tech team.


Ashwin is an experienced technocrat with an experience that spans over 20 years across multiple continents. With degrees in technology, Ashwin spearheads the technical roadmap and architecture of the platform. A technologist at heart, Ashwin enjoys keeping up to date with the new technologies through hands-on learning. At Copious, he has been responsible for designing and implementing features in a fast and scalable way. He has been responsible for leading a highly-lean, yet highly productive tech team.

Aaleen Mirza

Aaleen has a bachelor’s degree in IT and is a full-stack developer. He brings significant relevant experience from working in a healthcare software company. Aaleen has led the implementation of our front-end and is responsible for developing highly usable and visually appealing interfaces.


Sagar has a degree in Computer Engineering and is also our full-stack developer. At Copious, Sagar focuses on our middle-ware and ensures that our server-side development is implemented in a highly scalable way.


Sachin spearheads our marketing and sales. He has been the backbone of our successful rollout with the ASHA workers. At Copious, he will continue to work on the grassroots implementation of our product. Sachin comes to Copious with around 15 years of experience in marketing.