Population Health

Efficient, coordinated care at
the right time with the
Population Health tools .

Features and Services

Our population health tools and service helps you coordinate care and engage patients, so you can easily manage the population of large size in our EHRs. That is a safer way to manage risk.

Digestible data

Stay connected to the vital data you need to manage your patients. Uncover trends among your population, and identify actionable insights in infectious diseases, to address them by using our data tools and pre-built reports or creating custom reports

Care team coordination

Your care teams need to be able to easily identify high- and rising-risk patients and work together to get those patients the right care at the right moment. Our intuitive care management tools and longitudinal patient record promote seamless care team coordination.

Network-based knowledge

Our in-house team analyzes results across the network to determine the type and volume of content to have the greatest impact. Always new ways to learn from your experiences.

Mobile apps

Give patients and their doctors interconnected apps to access care plans, set up automated notifications for families and doctors to gather patient data. Patients can access their HEALTH apps on the go, report on their progress, and securely message with doctors when it’s most convenient for them.


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