Health Records

An EHR records visits,
lets you focus on delivering

Features and Services

With our electronic health records service, you are getting a secured cloud-based medical records service that intuitively organises the patient visit, helps doctor to get records faster and more accurately, and sets your practice up for future success.

Delivering Efficiently

Intuitive workflows and integrated applications save doctors time and let them focus on clinical care. Our system delivers relevant patient information for better decision making.

Coordinate Care

Interoperability lets doctor share patients data with Family anchor permission to other doctors enabling her/him with better outcomes. Add it directly to the patient’s record in common well, keeps care coordinated as well as better documented.

Forever Documented

Our EMR lets you process all records as well old paper documents and attach them to right patient record. Better record keeping saves time and make secured records. In short time will take care of photos and videos also.

Office Practice on the Move

Use the ‘Pivotal by Copious’ to access medical information and take action all from your mobile. Our fully integrated suite of All applications will help you in practice by giving flexibility to work on the go and patient getting advice in time.


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