Care Coordination

Better care coordination that
lets you focus on better care.

Features and services

With more and more Doctors going Copious Care network makes care coordination between the subspecialist, your doctor, and healthcare teams easy and efficient.

Care Coordination

Simpler, efficient management. Transparent, secure data for care collaboration. Only with family consent.

Documents Transmission

Copious Care services minimises distractions throughout care coordination, for clean, legible prescriptions, requisitions that reduce the need for follow-up.

Overview whole Patient

Stop hunting for patient information—access data and share it easily, with lab results, Prescriptions and more documents automatically added to the HEALTH app.

Sharing of Info Entire View

With all 3 applications interconnected the required information is real-time shared with no hassles. Ownership of the secured info is with the families. And In-app secured messaging can share vital info with doctors.


Number of Family members


Number of Treatments


Number of Prescriptions