Healthcare Healthier

Collecting and managing Families Health information in one place saves time and helps to lay the foundation for providing better healthcare services. Our work for primary care gathers information on an individual’s health information from birth to adult-hood on a single platform. Plus, it integrates with other care solutions, giving you a complete picture of your health from 360* round the clock.


@Copious Healthcare, are striving to take a significant step towards to an open and international standards-based data model that aims to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare and manage costs. Finally, coming out with the Best health records for all!

Let’s Make it Together

With our partnerships we ensure that our clinicians (Doctors) have the best possible solution for every expertise area, and product development is faster than ever before. We complement the ecosystem offering not only with our Doctors’ solution, but also with our Families own choices.


Open interfaces and data models open a new path for our Doctors, enabling easier introduction of new innovations for healthcare professionals. We have just taken START from pediatrics as one of the first frontline specialties , together we can create new records. Three way partnership of Doctors, Families and Copious to make healthcare healthier.

Lets Tie In