Welcome to Copious Healthcare Inc.

About the Company
Copious Healthcare Inc., Delaware Corporation has having its place of business at 39111, Paseo Padre Pkwy, STE 313, Freemont, CA, 94538, USA. We operate a mobile applications by the name of "Pivotal" and "Health" that publishes growth chart, with permission, based on data published by the World Health Organization, Intergrowth 21 and the Indian Academy of Paediatricians in order to help doctors to serve their patients better

Pivotal and Health Application
Currently we have 2 applications in the India market.
(1) Pivotal: a Mobile application which helps doctors to securely store Patient data related to their growth, health and vaccincations
Android: Download
(2) Health: a Mobile application to help parents track their child's growth, health and vaccincation schedules.